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Big Eye AI Pet Feeder

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At inkeedo, we believe in providing pets with the utmost care and attention, even when they are home alone. With our cutting-edge product, Big Eye, we have redefined the way pet owners interact with and nourish their furry companions.

Safety is our priority. The Pet Sitter comes with an exceptional AI alert system that promptly notifies you of any unusual activities. Whether it's prolonged inactivity after food is dispensed, excessive barking, or extended periods of no movement in front of the camera, our AI algorithms will swiftly recognize and notify you of such anomalies through push notifications to your smartphone

Unlock a world of clarity with our state-of-the-art 2K camera. Feel the lifelike connection with your pet, capturing every nuance and expression. Beyond visual delight, this camera offers remote reassurance, alleviating separation worries. Whether you're at work or abroad, stay in touch with your furry friend's well-being. Address any situation promptly and stay connected, because being there for your pet matters, no matter the distance.

But that's not all - we've gone the extra mile by enhancing the camera's field of view. Our 2K camera now widens the perspective, expanding the upper and lower visual range from the previous 16:9 aspect ratio. This means you can enjoy a broader, more encompassing view that lets you observe even more. Whether it's engaging with your pet in real-time or ensuring your home's security, our 2K camera excels as a versatile choice.
You'll even be able to catch glimpses of your pet's food bowl and savor the sight of them relishing their meals.

Distance becomes a delightful game when your furry friends have a pet-exclusive phone. With our two-way communication feature, not only can you hear your pet, but they can also hear you. Whether it's sharing mealtime reminders or just saying a cheerful hello, our speaker's dual superpowers bridge the miles with a touch of magic.

With our advanced algorithm, your pet's most delightful moments are never missed. The system automatically identifies and records these captivating instances, storing them securely in the cloud. Our AI takes charge by crafting these clips into engaging vlogs, which are then sent directly to you

With our user-friendly app, you can effortlessly customize the precise amount and timing of food dispensing, tailoring a perfectly healthy eating plan for your furry friend. The app allows you to set specific portion sizes and feeding times, ensuring your pet receives the right amount of nutrition at the right intervals. Whether your pet needs small frequent meals or larger portions spaced out throughout the day, Big Eye empowers you to create the ideal feeding schedule to suit their unique needs and lifestyle.

Our spacious 3.7L capacity ensures plentiful food storage, spanning 2 to 4 weeks. With an airtight design and integrated desiccant box, meals stay enticingly dry and flavorsome, safeguarding their quality. This impressive storage capacity allows you to confidently delegate your pet's feeding regimen to BigEye.

Our feeder boasts an ingenious anti-clog mechanism. If it detects any food blockage during dispensing, the blades will instinctively spin in reverse, effectively clearing the way for a seamless release. This intelligent system works effortlessly with a range of pet food sizes, from 3mm to 12mm, accommodating kibble, pellets, freeze-dried, and more. Personalize a nutritious diet for your furry friend with ease.

Inside, an infrared food sensor constantly monitors the remaining food.  When supplies are running low, we ensure you're the first to know. But we've added a playful twist – our Big Eye's upper eyelid gradually closes as the food diminishes, giving you a visual cue of the supply level. This biomimetic design adds a touch of fun to practicality, allowing you to gauge the status at a glance. 

Simplify Your Routine: Our product offers effortless maintenance. Disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly are all designed to be quick and easy, streamlining your experience and ensuring your focus remains on your pet's well-being.

Equipped with AA Battery Backup, Big Eye will seamlessly switch to battery power during power outages. Even without an internet connection, it faithfully follows your preset feeding schedule, ensuring timely and accurate portions. Your pet's routine remains uninterrupted with a battery life of up to 1 week.